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Midway Colorado Ghost Town

Photos Mike Sinnwell September 2003

Sometimes I get off the beaten path a little. The last time I was here at Midway I was escorted off the premises by a very friendly pair of armed guards. It was truly a mistake on my part as I entered via an unmarked road and climbed some tough 4x4 roads before I got to Midway. I had spotted it in my telescope and just had to get to it. Needless to say my wife was NOT pleased with me.

The good news is they didn't show up earlier and now I know an easier way to get there.

A viewer writes - Friday, November 30, 2012 -- I would like to ask anyone who sees this if they remember a solitary saloon from the 1800s somewhere in the Victor / Cripple Creek area.  I saw it back in the 1970's about 50 yards off the 2 lane road I was on.  Weathered, but standing.  You could still definitely read, "Midway Saloon."  I would like to know where it is and if it's still there.  If you have any ideas as to the location and pictures I am at   Thank you so much.

Rocky Responds -


Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate the visits. Midway is almost straight north of Victor and straight east of Cripple creek. You probably will not find it on any maps today. The photos on my site were taken in 2003. The midway saloon had a false front on it and it was called “The Grand View” Saloon. By now it is probably in the bottom of the open pit mine in the area.  

See this google earth location

I do not believe there was ever a “Midway” saloon. The grand View Saloon was still standing at Midway behind a chain link fence in the mid 1980’s but has since fallen down. The area is now probably deforested and part of the open pit mine operation. Part of the reason it looks more barren in my photos is because of the clear cutting and beetle kill in the area to get at the mines.

Sure wish you had taken pictures……

Thanks to David Gardner and Penny Taylor we have some ole photos of Grand View Saloon.