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Jackson Stage Stop

July 2019

 Beautiful settings. Great location for a stage stops. I spent a lot of time here. Walking the land, examining the road leading to and from the stage stop, the nearby terrain and obviously the glorious views.  Great place to take a break and stretch your legs.

Horse-drawn stagecoaches traveling over a bumpy road from Pueblo to the mining areas of Rosita, Querida and Silver Cliff stopped here to get fresh horses from the 1870s until cars started making the trip in about 1920.   This trip took early travelers a day or more.

Today all that remains is a shell of the building with its fine brick chimney, a few outbuildings and an extraordinary 360-degree view of Pikes Peak, Lake Pueblo, and the Wet Mountains. The abandoned stage stop at the top of Jackson Hill east of Wetmore is still easy to find. It’s on private property, but easy to see from the side of the dead-end road.