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Colorado Ghost Towns 

Everyone's definition for a Ghost Town is different.  I had a Colorado resident write in and say, "Ouray Colorado for example is not a ghost town by a long shot".  I wrote back with this response. "I would tend to agree with that statement if your definition of a  ghost town is an abandon town. Several of the sites like Leadville, Creede, Empire, Georgetown etc are similar to Ouray. On my site I refer to Ghost Towns rather liberally. Basically it can be any town involved in mining or agricultural activity that went thru various cycles of boom and bust and/or towns that are important to the history of Colorado and the old west. I apologize if I have offended you." 

Likewise - please forgive me if my Ghost Towns don't measure up to your definition.

bullet Alma
bullet Alta 
bullet American Eagle Mine
bullet Ames
bulletAnimas Forks 2002
bullet Animas Forks 2007
bullet Aroya
bullet Bedrock
bullet Bents Fort 
bullet Black Hawk
bullet Boggsville
bullet Bonanza
bullet Boyero
bullet Buckingham
bullet Burns
bullet Burrows Park
bullet Calcium
bullet Cameron
bullet Capitol City
bullet Cardinal Mill
bullet Carson
bullet Central City
bullet Chivington
bullet Columbine
bullet Como
bullet Creede
bullet Crystal Power Plant  
bullet Crystal The Town
bullet Dearfield
bullet Derry Ranch
bullet Dunckley
bullet Dunton
bullet Dyersville
bullet Empire
bullet Engineer City
bullet Eureka
bullet Fairplay
bullet Farnham Spur 
bullet Fort Garland
bullet Fort Lupton
bullet Fort Peabody
bullet Freeland
bullet Fulford
bullet Geneva City
bullet Gilman
bullet Gladstone
bulletGold Hill
bullet Grover
bullet Guston
bullet Hahns Peak
bullet Hancock
bullet Henson
bullet Hi-Go
bullet Homestead Meadows
bullet Howardsville
bullet Hugo
bullet Hull City -  Independence 
bullet Idaho Springs
bullet Ironton  
bullet Jamestown  
bullet Jefferson City
bullet Keota
bullet Lake City
bullet Last Chance
bullet Leadville
bullet Lincoln City
bullet London Junction
bullet Matterhorn
bullet Marble
bulletMarble Mine
bullet Masonville
bullet Maxey
bullet Midway
bullet Montezuma
bullet Mountain City
bullet Nederland
bullet Nevadaville
bullet Niwot
bullet Orchard
bullet Oak Creek
bullet Ophir
bulletOro City
bullet Paradox
bullet Paris Mill
bullet Park City
bullet Parkville
bullet Placerville
bullet Prospect Valley  
bullet Radium
bullet Raymer
bullet Redstone
bullet Rico
bullet Roggen
bullet Rollinsville
bullet Romley
bullet Russell Gulch
bullet Ruby
bullet Salina
bullet Sawpit
bullet Sherman
bullet Silverton
bullet Silver Plume
bullet South Park City
bulletSt Elmo
bullet Summerville
bullet Summitville
bullet Sunset
bullet Sunshine
bullet Sunshine Cemetery
bullet Sunshine Cemetery Records
bullet Swandyke
bullet Teller City
bullet Tiger
bullet Tolland
bullet Toonerville
bullet Turret
bulletTwo Buttes
bullet Vicksburg
bullet Virginia Dale
bullet Waldorf and Santiago mine
bullet Wallstreet
bullet Wapiti
bullet Ward
bullet Weldona
bulletWild Horse
bulletWild Irishman
bullet Wilds
bullet Yampa
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