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Apex Colorado Ghost town

Apex Colorado - Northwest of Central City

Apex was founded in 1891 after the towns of Central City, Blackhawk and Nevadaville were already established. It did have two hotels, a miners hall and a dance hall. At one time, 1896, 1,000 people lived here. 

Legend has it that a miner named Dick Mackey and a partner found the Mackey mine. When his partner ran off with about $30,000 in gold ore he left Mackey with only $400. Mackey used the money to continue to look for the elusive mother lode. Eventually the money ran out and Mackey took all his remaining dynamite and placed it at the end of the tunnel he had dug, lit the fuse and went home. When he returned the explosion had uncovered the ore. He got credit in Denver and ordered sacks and wagons for the ore. When he had it assayed it produced ore valued at $1,800 a ton. Needless to say Mackey could now pay his bills and made some money.


Getting there: I took the hard way, up over the mountains and over the 4X4 roads. You can get there a lot easier but not a lot prettier.


Some of the many buildings to see. 

September 2002  - Pictures by Mike Sinnwell

A viewer writes - Thursday, March 19, 2009 - My grandfather, Jay Church, operated freight wagons and stagecoaches through Eldora, Nederland, Boulder, Central City and all places in between. His wife, Minnie (Hiatt) worked at the Black Hawk Hotel in the late 1800's where they met. They set up housekeeping in Apex, a short distance from Central City and then owned and operated a livery stable/dance hall in Eldora until the mines played out. The livestock was kept in the bottom and the dancing was in the loft which actually was accessible from main street. The foundation is still there at least as of 2002. Ed Hutchinson

A viewer writes - Sunday, March 20, 2011 -- I stumbled across your site out of frustration to find something/ anything about my family. My family lived in Nevadaville, Apex, Perigo. Their names are Angelo Rosetta, his daughter Lulu married Antonio Andreatta. He owned the lulu lode for awhile. His other daughter Angeline married Oney Hines and his last daughter married Jennie married John Tessadri. My grand father Angelo Rosetta owned the Angeline mine and was friend with mayor Davies. The graves of my grand aprents can't be found and it seems like any info about my family is not to be found. IF anyone has any idea about my family please contact me at

A viewer writes Friday October 26, 2012 - Are you doing apex also? The Rosetta and Hines and Andreatta lived in Apex. Jacque McDonnell

Rocky says - I am now - send me your stuff.

A viewer writes Saturday, November 30, 2013 --  Great site!...My father and his sister were born in Apex, Colorado. My father's name was George McElhinney. He was born in 1906. She was somewhat younger. Any information available (not necessarily about the family, but about the town and history of the area) can be sent to  Thanks.



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